This is not me; this is my cactus, Jason Alejandro Whitmore. 

Hello there.

My name is Sara, and I read a lot of young adult books. Much like the creators of CinemaSins, who watch far too many movies, my excessive reading has lead me to notice a few trends. A few uncomfortable trends. A few eye-rolling, unrealistic, sloppy, lazy trends.

However, I choose to sludge on through the murk of high school bullies and first kisses because I, like so many in this world, have dreams of writing my own cliche-free book someday. For me, a poorly-written novel is a lesson. It shows me what I hate about books, and it shows me how many flaws will be overlooked if there’s a sexy premise and a professional marketing team. It provides me with knowledge and confidence.

But for you, dear reader, this may not be the case. Perhaps you are simply looking to be immersed in a new world, and you are hoping for a story that allows your most critical eye to suspend its disbelief. FEAR NOT! I am here to help.

My reviews will be thorough, honest, and (hopefully) entertaining to read. I will not lure you into a false sense of security, like a side-Goodreads-account of the author. I will not try to convince you to read anything that I would not read twice, quote on my wall, or buy a quirky t-shirt for. If I review something that has been made into a movie, I can honestly tell you which format is better! (It’s usually the book, but you’d be surprised).

Anyway. We’re wasting time, here. If you’re wondering: I’m 22, I have a degree in English and Psychology, and my favorite Harry Potter book is Half-Blood Prince. If you want to know anything else, just ask.

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