Teen Fiction

Dreamology, by Lucy Keating

Dreamology by Lucy Keating Published: HarperCollins, 2016 Rating: 35/100 Worth Your Time? Not really. Unless you think Keating is funny; I didn’t. The best part of this book is the cover. Thoughts on the Jacket Summary Don’t read it. It seems intriguing, until you start reading the book and realize that’s literally all that happens. I guessed… Continue reading Dreamology, by Lucy Keating

Science Fiction

The Eye of Minds by James Dashner

The Eye of Minds, James Dashner. Book One in The Mortality Doctrine. Published: Random House, 2013. Rating: 30/100 Worth Your Time? It’s a quick read if you’re bored. Wouldn’t read it twice. Thoughts on the Jacket Summary:  This summary is what drew me into this book. Prior to picking it up, I had heard of the Maze Runner series… Continue reading The Eye of Minds by James Dashner