Review Suggestions

brightbooksSuggestions for reviews can be emailed to Please include the title, author, and a BRIEF summary of the book. If I decide it’s worth reviewing, I will let you know where it falls on my to-review list so you can have an idea of when I’ll get to it.

What I Will Review

All genres of young adult fiction. This includes self-published works, online stories, and some fanfiction. (Fanfiction needs to be in a fandom I’m familiar with, unless you just want me to review it as if it is an original work; send me an email and ask).

I will also consider memoir, so long as the narrator of the story is under the age of 25 for at least two thirds of the book. I want works that teenagers can easily relate to, not anything about mid-life crises or the struggles of parenting (unless the parent is in high school).

If it’s your book, and you can send me a copy for free, I will likely get around to reviewing it a lot faster. Otherwise, I will need to search my local library or allocate some of my own funds to buy it, which could potentially take some time.

What I Will Not Review

Erotica–which I don’t think should count as YA, regardless.

Books that are out-of-print and difficult to find online. I’m not going to review anything that my readers can’t read. If you want me to review a book that is set to be published soon, just keep me updated on that status, and let me know if there’s a way for readers to pre-order the book.